Graham Tranter - World Biggest Vegetable Farming Records

Look at this monster of a cabbage. It was grown by Shropshire farmworker Graham Tranter.
Graham's won many trophies from shows across the Midlands with his vegetables over the years, once winning an astonishing 17 in a single season.
And he's now set a new world record for the number of tomatoes grown on a single truss, with an astonishing 304.
The truss, which he grew in a polytunnel in his vegetable garden near Bridgnorth, comfortably beat the truss with less than 200 tomatoes that Guinness World Records previously accepted as the record.

Independent witnesses helped confirm the total after it was picked, although Graham points out that a further 20 fruits fell off it before and during picking, so the figure could have been even higher.
"The news is still sinking in and I am still feeling tingly," he said. "I feel very privileged to have been awarded the record."
This latest success follows on hundreds of others for Graham, who has worked for local farmer Crawford Clarke for 48 years.
He takes great care to get the nutrition of his tomatoes - and many other crops - correct, working with David Edwards from agronomic specialists The Glenside Group to formulate correct regimes.
The results are obvious in the huge yields of tomatoes he produces, and with a host of other impressive vegetables, which this year has included some astonishing cabbages.
He won a show at Malvern with a 56lbs giant, which he immediately topped with a 66 lbs monster that shared first place in its class at the East of England Autumn Show held at Peterborough.
As with all top gardeners, he has some secret recipes and treatments he uses alongside the fertiliser programme he works out with David.
Most of the produce he grows is sold via the shop where his daughter works, but not the record-breaking tomatoes: Graham has dried them out and saved the seed. In 2010, he might stage an assault on his own record.